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Every time he makes plans for his future, he seems to fail. Every time he reaches forward, the world leans against him, pressing him down.

Paolo Bacigalupi

But the mass of the old electors did not analyse very much: they liked to have one of their "betters" to represent them; if he was rich they respected him much; and if he was a lord, they liked him the better. The issue put before these electors was, which of two rich people will you choose? And each of those rich people was put forward by great parties whose notions were the notions of the rich whose plans were their plans. The electors only selected one or two wealthy men to carry out the schemes of one or two wealthy associations.

Walter Bagehot

I probably got your mommy strung, niggas hear me and take more notes than conny chung, my clan plans to get julieanni hung.

Lamont Coleman

I wanna do it all tonight. I got plans. I have a certain lust for life and as it stands.


The plans we put in place this week have gone according to plan.

Phil Brown
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