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When we are returned to power we want to put in the statute book an act which will make our people citizens of the world before they are citizens of this country.

Clement Richard Attlee, 1st Earl Attlee

When we have passed beyond willings, then we shall have Power. Effort was the helper; Effort is the bar.

Sri Aurobindo

The power of getting to know one another is so immense, eclipsed only by first getting to know ourselves.

Bryant McGill

You reclaim your power by loving what you were once taught to hate.

Bryant McGill

Equality may be a right, but no power on earth can convert it into fact.

Honor de Balzac

All human power is a compound of time and patience.

Honor de Balzac

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad with power.

Charles Austin Beard

Indignant Man resumes the shaft he gave, Disarms the tyrant, and unbinds the slave, Displays the unclad skeleton of kings, Spectres of power, and serpents without stings.

Joel Barlow

I am aware of the frailty of man, I think about the power of fortune, and I know that all our actions are at the mercy of a thousand vicissitudes.

Scipio Africanus

In critical moments even the very powerful have need of the weakest.


It is beyond dispute that the state exercises very great power over human life and it always shows a tendency to go beyond the limits laid down for it.

Nikolai Berdyaev

Sanity that is the great virtue of the ancient literature; the want of that is the great defect of the modern, in spite of its variety and power.

Matthew Arnold

We, in some unknown Power's employ, Move on a rigorous line; Can neither, when we will, enjoy, Nor, when we will, resign.

Matthew Arnold

The power of God can be detected neither in the world of nature nor in the souls of men. It must not be confounded with any high, exalted, force, known or knowable.

Karl Barth

For the creation of a masterwork of literature two powers must concur, the power of the man and the power of the moment, and the man is not enough without the moment.

Matthew Arnold

Time may restore us in his course Goethes sage mind and Byrons force; But where will Europes latter hour Again find Wordsworths healing power?

Matthew Arnold

Perhaps there is no such thing as unilateral power. After all, the man "in power" depends on receiving information all the time from outside. He responds to that information just as much as he "causes" things to happen...it is an interaction, and not a lineal situation.

Gregory Bateson

He knew that once you bested anybody like Mr. Scratch in fair fight, his power on you was gone. And he could see that Mr. Scratch knew it too.

Stephen Vincent Bent

At fifteen one is first beginning to realize that everything isnt money and power in this world, and is casting about for joys that do not turn to dross in ones hands.

Robert Charles Benchley

I lack what the English call character, by which they mean the power to refrain.

Alan Bennett

He has unbelievable body punching power and is exciting to watch.

Nigel Benn

Rocking on a lazy billow With roaming eyes, Cushioned on a dreamy pillow, Thou art now wise. Wake the power within thee slumbering, Trim the plot that's in thy keeping, Thou wilt bless the task when reaping Sweet labour's prize.

John Stuart Blackie

Thoughts are strange things. they have 'representational' powers: a thought typically represents the world as being one way or another. A sensation, by contrast, seems to just sit there.

Simon Blackburn

Citizenship is no light trifle to be jeopardized any moment Congress decides to do so under the name of one of its general or implied grants of power.

Hugo LaFayette Black

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