Pride Quotes

Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall


It is a beggar's pride that he is not a thief

Japanese Proverb

Pride is a vice, which pride itself inclines every man to find in others, and to overlook in himself

Samuel Johnson

Pride breakfasted with plenty, dined with poverty, and supped with infamy.

Benjamin Franklin

Fond pride of dress is sure a very curse

Benjamin Franklin

Human pride is not worthwhile; there is always something lying in wait to take the wind out of it

Mark Twain

A man may and ought to pride himself more on his will than on his talent

Honore de Balzac

The whole family of pride and ignorance are incestuous, and mutually beget each other

Charles Caleb Colton

Pride, avarice, and envy are in every home

Thornton Wilder

Pride is the deadliest of sins, but I was bursting with pride

Jonathan Aitken

Pride thyself on what virtue thou hast, and not on thy parentage

Muslih-uddin Sadi

They take their pride in making their dinner cost much; I take my pride in making my dinner cost little

Henry David Thoreau

Let pride go afore, shame will follow after.

George Chapman

Pride perceiving humility honorable, often borrows her cloak.

Thomas Fuller

Pride is seldom delicate; it will please itself with very mean advantages.

Samuel Johnson

Humility is the ability to give up your pride and still retain your dignity.

Vanna Bonta

Pride is as loud a beggar as want, and a great deal more saucy

Benjamin Franklin

Pride had rather out of the way than go behind

Thomas Fuller

Two things cause people to be destroyed: fear of poverty and seeking superiority through pride.

Ali bin Abu-Talib

Almost everything: all external expectations, all pride all fear of embarrassment or failure. These tings just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.

Steve Jobs

I've done a prideful thing, a thing more sinful than she ever done to me. I took the bottom out of her life.

Ray Douglas Bradbury

All sufferings come from false pride.

Shri Radhe Maa

Hospitality still survives among foreigners, although it is buried under false pride among the poorest Americans.

Jane Addams

And if you come up from under that water and theres fresh air, just breathe baby, Gods got a blessin to spare. I know the process is so much stress but its the progress that feels the best. I came from the projects straight to success and youre next, just try, they cant steal your pride, its inside. Then find it and keep on grindin cause in every dark cloud theres a silver linin. I know.

Lil Wayne

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