Pride Quotes

It is a beggar's pride that he is not a thief

Japanese Proverb

Pride is a vice, which pride itself inclines every man to find in others, and to overlook in himself

Samuel Johnson

Pride breakfasted with plenty, dined with poverty, and supped with infamy.

Benjamin Franklin

Fond pride of dress is sure a very curse

Benjamin Franklin

Pride is said to be the last vice the good man gets clear of

Benjamin Franklin

There is this paradox in pride it makes some men ridiculous, but prevents others from becoming so

Charles Caleb Colton

Pride is the shirt of the soul, put on first and put off last

George Swinnock

At every trifle, scorn to take offence; that always shows great pride, or little sense

Alexander Pope

With the pride of the artist, you must blow against the walls of every power that exists the small trumpet of your defiance.

Norman Mailer

The passions grafted on wounded pride are the most inveterate; they are green and vigorous in old age.

George Santayana

Pride perceiving humility honorable, often borrows her cloak.

Thomas Fuller

Pride is seldom delicate; it will please itself with very mean advantages.

Samuel Johnson

Humility is the ability to give up your pride and still retain your dignity.

Vanna Bonta

Pride is as loud a beggar as want, and a great deal more saucy

Benjamin Franklin

Pride had rather out of the way than go behind

Thomas Fuller

Why Trying to be Liked is the Death Knell for Happiness and Success

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