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When there's a single thief, it's robbery. When there are a thousand thieves, it's taxation.

Vanya Cohen

America is a land of taxation that was founded to avoid taxation.

Laurence J. Peter

Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars and a substantial tax cut save you thirty cents?

Peg Bracken

The nation should have a tax system that looks like someone designed it on purpose.

William Simon

It's income tax time again, Americans: time to gather up those receipts, get out those tax forms, sharpen up that pencil, and stab yourself in the aorta.

Dave Barry

Our tax code is so long it makes War and Peace seem breezy.

Steven LaTourette

There may be liberty and justice for all, but there are tax breaks only for some.

Martin A. Sullivan

The avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual pursuit that carries any reward.

John Maynard Keynes

The power of taxing people and their property is essential to the very existence of government.''

James Madison

The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest amount of feathers with the least possible amount of hissing.

J. B. Colbert

Here is my principle: Taxes shall be levied according to ability to pay. That is the only American principle.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes non-work.

Milton Friedman

I am thankful for the taxes I pay because it means that I'm employed.

Nancie J. Carmody

The income tax created more criminals than any other single act of government.

Barry Goldwater

I like to pay taxes. With them I buy civilization.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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