Temperature Quotes

This may be why New Yorkers instinctively avoid making eye contact with each other in crowded places, why they "look right through you," as dismayed visitors often complain. They are not looking right through you at all; they are discreetly avoiding an intrusion into your space. They sense the danger in a place where a one-degree temperature rise can mean an explosion.

Russell Baker

Down like she supposed to be, She gets down low for me, Down like her temperature, cause to me she zero degrees, Shes cold, overfreeze, I got that girl from overseas, Now she my miss America, now can I be her soldier please? Im fighting for this girl, On the battlefield of love, Dont it look like baby cupid sendin arrows from above? Dont you ever leave the side of me, Indefinitely, not probably, and honestly Im down like the economy.

Lil Wayne

The track temperature is at 32 degrees celsius already and it's climbing like a mountain face at the moment.

Martin Brundle
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