Transition Quotes

The developed world should neither shelter nor militarily destabilize authoritarian regimesunless those regimes represent an imminent threat to the national security of other states. Developed states should instead work to create the conditions most favorable for a closed regimes safe passage through the least stable segment of the J curvehowever and whenever the slide toward instability comes. And developed states should minimize the risk these states pose the rest of the world as their transition toward modernity begins.

Ian Bremmer

To be honest, I've been rethinking things lately. I mean, I'm still a Christian, but I'm definitely transitioning. Really? Is your mom letting you do hormones? Mine won't.

Alison Bechdel

I understand there is a need for a stable and orderly transition to that leadership, but that people should give me the space to ensure that happens and that this debate is not best conducted in the pages of the Mail on Sunday.

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

Dont ever forget the moment you began to doubt, transitionin from fittin in to standin out.

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