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Fighting is essentially a masculine idea; a woman's weapon is her tongue

Hermione Gingold

I'm absolutely convinced that the threat we face now, the idea of a terrorist in the middle of one of our cities with a nuclear weapon, is very real and that we have to use extraordinary measures to deal with it.

Dick Cheney

Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed

Terry Goodkind

Often dismissed or underestimated by political opponents, President Reagan had the most valuable weapon in the political arsenal: a bond with the people

William L. Jenkins

Print is the sharpest and the strongest weapon of our party.

Joseph Stalin

Terrorism has become the systematic weapon of a war that knows no borders or seldom has a face

Jacques Chirac

The weapon of suicide bombing is so desperate that you aren't even left with the possibility of taking revenge or punishing anyone; the terrorist is killed along with his victims, his blood mixing with theirs.

A. B. Yehoshua

Nuclear weapons can wipe out life on Earth, if used properly

Gareth Owen

Other countries possess weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles. With Saddam, there is one big difference: He has used them...The international community had little doubt then, and I have no doubt today, that left unchecked Saddam Hussein will use these terrible weapons again

Bill Clinton

The nuclear weapon is obsolete. I want to get rid of them all.

Gen Charles Horner

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Updated On : October 30, 2009
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