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Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men.


A word to the wise is enough, and many words won't fill a bushel.

Benjamin Franklin

There is no sickness worse for me than words that to be kind must lie.


Oaths are but words, and words but wind.

Samuel Butler

Words were written out for me phonetically. I learned to quack in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and German

Clarence Nash

How do people choose their final words? Do they realize their gravity? Are they fated to be wise?

Albom, Mitch

Some guy hit my car fender the other day, and I said unto him, "Be fruitful and multiply." But not in those words.

Woody Allen

My words are the words of my father, and the words of my father are the words of my grandfather, and the words of my grandfather are the words of my great-grandfathers - Hasan and Husayn; and their words are the words of Ali, and the words of Ali are the words of the Prophet of Allah; and the words of the Prophet are the words of Allah.

Jafar ibn Muhammad as-S

The most beautiful words in the English language aren't "I love you" but "it's benign."

Woody Allen

By words the mind is winged.


Safe, sane and consensual what do those words really mean? Assimilation, that's what.

Laura Antoniou

Among the signs of a learned man is criticising his own words and being informed of various viewpoints.

Husayn ibn Al

Religion has never, in any period, sustained itself except by the instrumentality of the tongue of fire. Only where some men, more or less imbued with this primitive power, have spoken the words of the Lord, not with " the words which man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth," have sinners been converted, and saints prompted to a saintlier life.

William Arthur

On the words of Ps. 21:3: "O My God, I shall cry day by day, and Thou wilt not hear".

St. Augustine of Hippo

He who disdained not to assume us unto Himself, did not disdain to take our place and speak our words, in order that we might speak His words.

St. Augustine of Hippo

My dear Tiberius, you must not give way to youthful emotion or take it to heart if anyone speaks ill of me; let us be satisfied if we can make people stop short at unkind words.

Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus Augustus

Men substitute words for reality and then argue about the words.

Edwin Howard Armstrong

What things have we seen Done at the Mermaid! heard words that have been So nimble and so full of subtile flame As if that every one from whence they came Had meant to put his whole wit in a jest, And resolved to live a fool the rest Of his dull life.

Francis Beaumont

But he had turned, little by little, a disturbance into words, he had made a pillow of old words, for his head.

Samuel Beckett

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words always hurt me.

(William) Norman Birkett, 1st Baron Birkett

I don't care how much a man talks, if he only says it in a few words.

Henry Wheeler Shaw

Of what help is anyone who can only be approached with the right words?

Elizabeth (Asquith) Bibesco

Write as the wind blows and command all words like an army!

Joseph Hilaire Pierre Ren Belloc

The words. I love words. I love to write. Being an artist is what I love.

Taylor Swift

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