Worry Quotes

Pray, and let God worry

Martin Luther

When we have nothing to worry about we are not doing much, and not doing much supplies us with plenty of future worries

Chinese Proverbs

The sovereign cure for worry is prayer

William James

If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answers

Thomas Pynchon

I worry that the person who thought up Muzak may be thinking up something else

Lily Tomlin

Worrying is like paying on a debt that may never come due

Will Rogers

I do worry about Bert, I'll tell you that

Quinn Allman

Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall

Larry Wilde

In headaches and in worry Vaguely life leaks away, And Time will have his fancy To-morrow or to-day

W. H. Auden

We are, perhaps, uniquely among the earth's creatures, the worrying animal. We worry away our lives, fearing the future, discontent with the present, unable to take in the idea of dying, unable to sit still

Lewis Thomas

Blessed is the person who is too busy to worry in the daytime, and too sleepy to worry at night

Leo Aikman

Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day


Don't worry about the intensity and direction of the putt -- until you get on the green


How much pain worries have cost us that have never happened?

Thomas Jefferson

I finally know what distinguishes man from the other beasts: financial worries.

Jules Renard

If you cannot help worrying, remember that worrying cannot help you


It would take battalions of angels to protect us from our dreaded dangers, though in a long lifetime few of the dangers come to anything.


Perpetual worry will get you to one place ahead of time -- the cemetery


Suffer no anxiety, for he who is a sufferer of anxiety becomes regardless of enjoyment of the world and the spirit, and contraction happens to his body and soul


The worst thing you can possibly do is worrying and thinking about what you could have done.

Georg C. Lichtenberg

To worry is a sin. Only one sort of worry is permissible; to worry because one worries.


When we have nothing to worry about we are not doing much, and not doing much may supply us with plenty of future worries.

Chinese Proverb

Why worry when you can pray?


The sovereign cure for worry is prayer.

William James

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Updated On : May 17, 2013
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