Quotes from the Movie Back to the Future Part III

That'll shoot the fleas off a dog's back at five hundred yards, Tannen! And it's pointed straight at your head!

Doc Brown

So you're my great-grandfather. The first McFly born in America. And you peed on me.

Marty McFly

I'll hunt you and shoot you down like a duck!

Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen

Copernicus, what is it? You look like you have seen a ghost.


Here lies Emmett Brown. Died September 7th, 1885. Shot in the back by Buford Tannen over a matter of 80 dollars. Tombstone erected in memory by his beloved Clara.


My horse threw a shoe. And seeing as you was the one who done the shoeing, I say that makes you responsible.


Well, since you never paid me for that job, I say that makes us even!


Wrong! See I was on that horse when it threw the shoe and I got throwed off! And that caused me to bust a perfectly good bottle of Kentucky red-eye. So, the way I figured it, blacksmith, you owe me five dollars for the whiskey and 75 dollars for the horse.


Look! If your horse threw a shoe, bring him back an I'll re-shoe him!


Marty, you're going to have to do something about those clothes. You walk around town dressed like that, you're liable to get shot.

Doc Brown

Clayton Ravine was named after a school teacher. They say she fell in there a hundred years ago.


Every kid in school knows that story 'cause we all have teachers we'd like to see fall into the ravine.


In the future, we don't need horses. We have motorized carriages called automobiles.

Doc Brown

If everybody's got one of these auto-whats-its, does anybody walk or run any more?

Barfly 3

Of course we run, but for recreation. For fun.

Doc Brown
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