Quotes from the Movie Frankenstein

He's just resting waiting for a new life to come.

Dr. Henry Frankenstein

The neck's broken. The brain is useless. We must find another brain.

Dr. Henry Frankenstein

You must have faith in me, Elizabeth. Wait, my work must come first, even before you. At night the winds howl in the mountains. There is no one here. Prying eyes can't peer into my secret...I am living in an abandoned old watchtower close to the town of Goldstadt. Only my assistant is here to help me with my experiments.

Dr. Henry Frankenstein

This storm will be magnificent. All the electrical secrets of Heaven. And this time we're ready, eh Fritz? Ready.

Dr. Henry Frankenstein

There's nothing to fear. Look. No blood, no decay. Just a few stitches. And look, here's the final touch. The brain you stole, Fritz. Think of it. The brain of a dead man waiting to live again in a body I made with my own hands, with my own hands. Let's have one final test. Throw the switches.

Dr. Henry Frankenstein

Quite a good scene, isn't it? One man crazy three very sane spectators.

Dr. Henry Frankenstein

There can be no wedding while this horrible creation of mine is still alive. I made him with these hands, and with these hands I will destroy him. I must find him. [to Victor] You stay here and look after Elizabeth. I leave her in your care, whatever happens. Do you understand? In your care.

Dr. Henry Frankenstein

You think I'm an idiot, don't you? But I'm not! Anyone can see with half an eye that there's something wrong. And I have two eyes, and pretty good ones at that. Well, what is it?...What's the matter with my son? What's he doing?...Why does he go messing around an old ruined windmill when he has a decent house, a bath, good food and drink, and a darn pretty girl to come back to? Ha, will you tell me that?

Baron Frankenstein

I understand perfectly well. There's another woman and you're afraid to tell me. Pretty sort of experiments these must be.

Baron Frankenstein

Here's to a very good health...to a son of the House of Frankenstein...Here's to jolly good health to Frankenstein.

Baron Frankenstein

How do you do? Mr. Carl Laemmle [the producer] feels it would be a little unkind to present this picture without just a word of friendly warning. We are about to unfold the story of Frankenstein, a man of science who sought to create a man after his own image without reckoning upon God. It is one of the strangest tales ever told. It deals with the two great mysteries of creation life and death. I think it will thrill you. It may shock you. It might even horrify you. So if any of you feel that you do not care to subject your nerves to such a strain, now's your chance to uh, well, we warned you.

Edward van Sloan

The very day we announced our engagement, he told me of his experiments. He said he was on the verge of a discovery so terrific that he doubted his own sanity. There was a strange look in his eyes, some mystery. His words carried me right away. Of course I've never doubted him but still I worry. I can't help it.


Herr Frankenstein is a most brilliant young man, yet so erratic he troubles me.

Dr. Waldman

Burn the mill! Burn it down! Burn the mill!


Perhaps he can tell me more about all this.


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