Quotes from the Movie Josie and the Pussycats

Puppies grow into dogs that get old and DIE!

Josie McCoy

What are you gonna do? Kill me with the guitar?

Josie McCoy

That's great. Even our manager wants to listen to another band.

Valerie Brown

The walls are mushy!

Melody Valentine

Carson says he's gonna kill me!

Melody Valentine

That's Mr. Moviefone. He does all our subliminal messages.


Conform! Free will is overrated! Jump on the bandwagon!

Mr. Moviefone

There is no such place as Area 51!

Mr. Moviefone

You should have a solo career! You could have your own prime-time TV series! We could call it Josie, and run it right after Will and Grace!

Mr. Moviefone

Oh my God! That's Mr. Moviefone! How did you get him to put that on there? You slept with him!

Alexandra Cabot

Dum-dum-dum!! Ooh, brainwashing! Ooh, help! We're being brainwashed! Diet Coke's the new Pepsi One!

Alexandra Cabot

I just want to touch them! I don't care which one! I don't care where!

Female Dujour fan

I got all their trading cards and all their CDs, and all my gear is from their clothing line, Dujour Couture. I mean I straight up love 'em, only, you know, like brothers.

Male Dujour fan

We have just received a confirmed report that the members of pop sensation Dujour disappeared in their private jet today, vanishing from radar 40 miles east of the town of Riverdale. Authorities are still trying to determine the whereabouts of the plane and if there are any survivors. Dujour's label, MegaRecords, has yet to release a statement, but they have released a limited-edition commemorative box set, complete with a CD-ROM history of Dujour in stores tomorrow.

Serena Altschul

If I wasn't a key player in this whole conspiracy to brainwash the youth of America with rock music, we could totally date!

Carson Daly

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