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Since my logic aims to teach and instruct the understanding, not that it may with the slender tendrils of the mind snatch at and lay hold of abstract notions (as the common logic does), but that it may in very truth dissect nature, and discover the virtues and actions of bodies, with their laws as determined in matter; so that this science flows not merely from the nature of the mind, but also from the nature of things.

Francis Bacon

A flow of words is a sure sign of duplicity.

Honor de Balzac

The bee fertilizes the flower it robs.

Charles Austin Beard

There have been the most terrible, shocking events taking place in the United States of America within the last hour or so, including two hi-jacked planes being flown deliberately into the World Trade Centre. I am afraid we can only imagine the terror and the carnage there and the many, many innocent people who will have lost their lives. I know that you would want to join with me in sending the deepest condolences to President Bush and to the American people on behalf of the British people at these terrible events.

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

There give thy griefs full vent to flow O'er the unconscious dead, With no spectator to thy woe But my attendant shade.

Ann Eliza Bleecker

Sit and be still until in the time of no rain you hear beneath the dry wind's commotion in the trees the sound of flowing water among the rocks, a stream unheard before, and you are where breathing is prayer.

Wendell Berry

Midnight cowboy. My flow is a dog, down boy.

Lil Wayne
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