Men Quotes

The world is divided into men who have wit and no religion and men who have religion and no wit.


Young men soon give and soon forget affronts; Old age is slow in both.

Cannonball Adderley

All men, rich and poor, must aid one another materially and personally

Aga Khan III

Some guys smoke. Some guys drink. Some guys chase women. I\'m a big barbecue-sauce guy

Rick Majerus

The true definition of a snob is one who craves for what separates men rather than for what unites them.

John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir

Clever men are good, but they are not the best.

Thomas Carlyle

Men are seldom more commonplace than on supreme occasions.

Samuel Butler

Wars are begun by frightened men.

Thomas Leo Clancy Jr.

I hope people learn to appreciate our people in uniform. These aren't guys who just shoot 'em up. They plan. And they are extremely intelligent.

Thomas Leo Clancy Jr.

I am afraid that I do not believe that any body of men can have enough knowledge of the past, the present and the future to establish development priorities which presumably means procuring some developments as being good and prohibiting others as being bad.

Sir John James Cowperthwaite

When men are easy in their circumstances, they are naturally enemies to innovations.

Cannonball Adderley

Men have periods, too... they just dont bleed.

Tori Amos

Evils draw men together.


The sea never changes and its works, for all the talk of men, are wrapped in mystery.

Joseph Conrad

There is no instance where men are so easily imposed upon, as at the time of their dying under the pretence of charity.

William Cowper, 1st Earl Cowper
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