Rest Quotes

I assume he was descended from apes like all the rest of us, but clearly in his case it had been a fairly gentle slope.

William Cullen Bryant

Were I a cloud I'd gather My skirts up in the air, And fly I well know whither, And rest I well know where.

Robert Seymour Bridges

Everyone's talked about Bank of America and Citigroup and the rest being too big to fail, but no, no, no. The most important that the US must be perceived to be too big to fail.

Ian Bremmer

Whoever abhors the name and fancies that he is godless when he addresses with his whole devoted being the Thou of his life that cannot be restricted by any other, he addresses God.

Martin Buber

Without civil intervention the free market tends to monopoly. What we should do is try to restore a truly free market, try to restore a market where there are no barriers to access and people have something other than their labour which they can trade or exchange.

Phillip Blond

Partisanship may be King in Washington but the rest of us dont have to pay tribute.

Michael Bloomberg

drop everything now, meet me in the pouring rain, kiss me on the sidewalk, take a way the pain, 'cause I see sparks fly whenever you smile get me with those green eyes baby as the lights go down, maybe something that will haunt me when you're not around, cause i see sparks fly whenever you smile my mind forgets to remind me you're a bad idea you touch me once and it's really something you find i'm even better than you imagined i would be, i'm on my guard for the rest of the world, but with you, i know it's no good, and i could wait patiently but, i really wish you would

Taylor Swift

I'm on my guard with the rest of world but with you I know it's no good.

Taylor Swift

Flyer than the rest but I dont rest I keep goin.

Lil Wayne

Im all about I, give the rest of the vowels back.

Lil Wayne

Im addicted to fresh, so you could either get with the real or stick with the rest.

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