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I will not let thee go. I hold thee by too many bands: Thou sayest farewell, and lo! I have thee by the hands, And will not let thee go.

Robert Seymour Bridges

Animals can also be hypnotised. Flip a rabbit on its back, hold it firmly in position with its head back for a couple of minutes, and youll find it will become perfectly motionless and unresponsive, until you clap your hands loudly above its head.

Derren Victor Brown

Come, take hands, you are not such As this will weary overmuch. Sit we down, and hear rehearse The marvels of the sweet-souled verse

Edward Neville da Costa Andrade

Each time he hears Jews groan, he tries to break his chains- but God has vowed not to release him (the Messiah) till the Jews tear the chains from his hands.

Sholem Asch

She must transform his hands so they will be willing to twist the rope around throats that have been singled out as hers was, throats other than hers. She must marry the hangman or no one, but that is not so bad. Who else is there to marry?

Margaret Eleanor Atwood

If I have played my part well, clap your hands, and dismiss me with applause from the stage.

Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus Augustus

And hey there little sexy pig, you made it with a man And now you've got a little kid with hooves instead of hands.

Devendra Banhart

I am not one of those who see war as a cricket match where you first give anything to defeat the opponent and then shake hands.

Douglas Bader

Chiefly the mold of a man's fortune is in his own hands.

Francis Bacon

I'm telling you, they have their hands around the neck of the republic. They are much farther ahead, we're just figuring it out. They have their hands around the neck of this republic and they are about to snap it, if we don't wake up.

Glenn Beck

I knew I had become a star when I shook hands with Simone Signoret at the 1985 Cannes Film Festival. She died four months later.

Juliette Binoche

Our Christian conviction is that Christ is also the messiah of Israel. Certainly it is in the hands of God how and when the unification of Jews and Christians into the people of God will take place.

Pope Benedict XVI

Your hands are tough but there mine belong in.

Taylor Swift

Kiss the feet of Popes provided their hands are tied.

Napoleon Bonaparte

When a man takes an oath, Meg, he's holding his own self in his own hands. Like water. And if he opens his fingers then he needn't hope to find himself again.

Robert Oxton Bolt

Im like a waiter and you something like a hater with trays in both hands, place an order I can cater.


You need three or five hands to play Ligeti.

Alfred Brendel

Of all the works of man I like best Those which have been used. The copper pots with their dents and flattened edges The knives and forks whose wooden handles Have been worn away by many hands: such forms Seemed to me the noblest.

Eugen Berthold Friedrich Brecht

I have been a fortune teller. Ages ago I told the forture on buffoons and madmen. You remember. I had a small voice like a grain of sand and enormous hands. Madmen walked over my hands. I told them the truth. I could never lie to them. And now I am sorry.

Giannina Braschi

[he] was handsome. Just the sight of him stirred strange longings in me

Alice Borchardt

I have learned that any fool can write a bad ad, but that it takes a real genius to keep his hands off a good one.

Leo Burnett

Escape, yes, but this time with my hands, not the feet.

Marcus Junius Brutus Caepio

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