Idleness Quotes

"Idleness is the Dead Sea that swallows all virtues"

Benjamin Franklin

"Were't not affection chains thy tender days To the sweet glances of thy honored love, I rather would entreat thy company To see the wonders of the world abroad Than, living dully sluggardized at home, Wear out thy youth with shapeless idleness."

William Shakespeare

"Trouble springs from idleness, and grievous toil from needless ease."

Benjamin Franklin

"Worse than idle is compassion if it ends in tears and sighs."

William Wordsworth

ìIdleness is the parent of all psychologyî

Friedrich Nietzsche

ìWork is no disgrace: it is idleness which is a disgraceî


ìIdleness is an appendix to nobilityî

Robert Burton

For idleness is an appendix to nobility.

Robert Burton

An idler is a watch that wants both hands; As useless if it goes as when it stands.

William Cowper

How various his employments whom the world Calls idle; and who justly in return Esteems that busy world an idler too!

William Cowper

I was raised to feel that doing nothing was a sin. I had to learn to do nothing

Jenny Joseph

An idle life always produces varied inclinations


The frivolous work of polished idleness

Sir James Mackintosh

There is no remedy for time misspent; No healing for the waste of idleness, Whose very languor is a punishment Heavier than active souls can feel or guess.

Sir Aubrey de Vere

It is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top.

Virginia Woolf

A nation rushing hastily too and fro, busily employed in idleness.


Idleness is an inlet to disorder, and makes way for licentiousness. People who have nothing to do are quickly tired of their own company.

Jeremy Collier

Evil thoughts often come from idleness.

Gaelic Proverb

I never remember feeling tired by work, though idleness exhausts me completely.

Sherlock Holmes

As peace is the end of war, so to be idle is the ultimate purpose of the busy.

Samuel Johnson

Idleness is many gathered miseries in one name.

Jean Paul

Idleness, like kisses, to be sweet must be stolen.

Jerome K. Jerome

Trouble springs from idleness, and grievous toil from needless ease.

Benjamin Franklin

As peace is the end of war, so to be idle is the ultimate purpose of the busy.

Samuel Johnson

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