Passion Quotes

I am strong-willed, and I am driven, and I am passionate...but I dont havea central causea motivating cause, I dont know what that would beother than trying to tell the truth when I work.

Jennifer Beals

How thick the bursts come crowding through the leaves! Again thou hearest? Eternal passion! Eternal pain!

Matthew Arnold

Good slaves are free, but bad free men are slaves of many passions.

Bion of Borysthenes

To be crushed in the winepress of passion.

Gabriel Biel

For what is a flower but lifes expressed passion for itself. Sudden and brief, but certain and eternal at the same time

Alice Borchardt

Misled by fancy's meteor ray, By passion driven; But yet the light that led astray Was light from heaven.

Robert Burns

The person who grieves, suffers his passion to grow upon him; he indulges it, he loves it; but this never happens in the case of actual pain, which no man ever willingly endured for any considerable time.

Edmund Burke

Nothing is more unmannerly than to reflect on any man's profession, sect, or natural infirmity. He who stirs up against himself another's self-love, provokes the strongest passion in human nature.

James Burgh

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