Praise Quotes

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Oprah Winfrey

There is not one wise man in twenty that will praise himself.

William Shakespeare

I praise loudly, I blame softly.

Catherine the Great

The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.

Norman Vincent Peale

Where there is no difficulty there is no praise.

Samuel Johnson

Insults should be written in the sand, and praises carved in stone.

Arab proverb

An ingenuous mind feels in unmerited praise the bitterest reproof.

Walter Landor

The praise of ancient authors proceeds not from the reverence of the dead, but from the competition and mutual envy of the living.

Thomas Hobbes

Praise out of season, or tactlessly bestowed, can freeze the heart as much as blame.

Pearl Buck

Praise follows truth afar off, and only overtakes her at the grave; plausibility clings to her skirts and holds her back till then

James Russell Lowell

Be thou the first true merit to befriend, his praise is lost who stays till all commend.

Alexander Pope

Sandwich every bit of criticism between two thick layers of praise.

Mary Kay Ash

Having the critics praise you is like having the hangman say you've got a pretty neck.

Eli Wallach

Trust him little who praise all, him less who censures all and him least who is indifferent about all

Johann Lavater

Praise invariably implies a reference to a higher standard.


A man who does not love praise is not a full man.

Henry Ward Beecher

The praise of a fool is incense to the wisest of us.

Benjamin Disraeli

Praise has different effects, according to the mind it meets with; it makes a wise man modest, but a fool more arrogant, turning his weak brain giddy.

Owen Felltham

The praises of others may be of use in teaching us, not what we are, but what we ought to be.

Augustus William Hare

What a person praises is perhaps a surer standard, even than what he condemns, of his own character, information and abilities.

Augustus William Hare

Praise never gives us much pleasure unless it concur with our own opinion, and extol us for those qualities in which we chiefly excel.

David Hume

Praise, of all things, is the most powerful excitement to commendable actions, and animates us in our enterprises.

Jean de la Bruyere

It is singular how impatient men are with overpraise of others, how patient of overpraise of themselves; and yet the one does them no injury, while the other may be their ruin.

James Russell Lowell

Praise is the symbol which represents sympathy, and which the mind insensibly substitutes for its recollection and language.

Sir James Mackintosh

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