Taste Quotes

Do I wanna do right, of course but do I really wanna feel Im forced to answer you, hell no. Ive acquired quite a taste for a well-made mistake, I wanna make a mistake.

Fiona Apple Maggart

The powder is mixed with water and tastes exactly like powder mixed with water.


Taste is the intermediate faculty which connects the active with the passive powers of our nature, the intellect with the senses; and its appointed function is to elevate the images of the latter, while it realizes the ideas of the former.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

You can taste a word.

Pearl Mae Bailey

Such and so various are the tastes of men.

Mark Akenside

That diamond encrusted goat's skull is the height of good taste!

Russell Edward Brand

I appreciate that you have your own tastes, but give me a break!

MaryAnne Ysabella
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