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The most powerful argument of all for saving open space is economics; in most states, tourism is the number two industry.

Jim Fowler

Work is the only reason I leave home. I`m not a tourist. I don`t travel for pleasure. I don`t take vacations. I only leave the house when I have something to do.

Frank Zappa

Working in Hollywood, it`s clear the more money you have, the more technology you can get. So you can build a whole Japanese set. Only in Hollywood! I couldn`t believe the first day I walked on the set. Rob Marshall walked me like a tourist round the set...

Zhang Ziyi

You can find a lot of entertainment stuff in there, a lot of restaurant reviews that might not necessarily be part of the restaurants that are recommended by hostels or tourist agencies,

Ashlee McGee

We never actually slept in the Packard, but we`d stay at these places called tourist homes. Then they got these wonderful things called motels.

June Cash

The travel and tourism industry is the lifeblood of many states around the country - including Florida, California, New York and Nevada, to name a few.

Mark Foley

OLYMPIAN, adj. Relating to a mountain in Thessaly, once inhabited by gods, now a repository of yellowing newspapers, beer bottles and mutilated sardine cans, attesting the presence of the tourist and his appetite.

Ambrose Bierce

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Updated On : March 05, 2011
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