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My parents only had one argument in forty-five years. It lasted forty-three years.

Cathy Ladman

I can win an argument on any topic, against any opponent. People know this, and steer clear of me at parties. Often, as a sign of their great respect, they don't even invite me.

Dave Barry

Use soft words and hard arguments.


The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments.

Friedrich Nietzsche

The thing I hate about an argument is that it always interrupts a discussion.

G. K. Chesterton

If you go in for argument, take care of your temper. Your logic, if you have any, will take care of itself.

Joseph Farrell

Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute.

Josh Billings

Behind every argument is someone's ignorance.

Louis D. Brandeis

Arguments are to be avoided; they are always vulgar and often convincing.

Oscar Wilde

It is not necessary to understand things in order to argue about them.

Pierre Beaumarchais

It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.

William G. McAdoo

For they are yet ear-kissing arguments.

William Shakespeare

I dislike arguments of any kind. They are always vulgar, and often convincing.

Oscar Wilde

People generally quarrel because they cannot argue.

Gilbert K. Chesterton

When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

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