Dishonesty Quotes

If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything.

Mark Twain

Honesty is never seen sitting astride the fence.

Lemuel K. Washburn

Like all valuable commodities, truth is often counterfeited.

James Cardinal Gibbons

People who are brutally honest get more satisfaction out of the brutality than out of the honesty

Richard J. Needham

Honesty pays, but it doesn't seem to pay enough to suit some people.

Kin Hubbard

Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others.

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky

If you avoid the truth, you pay for your lies. A lie always does the most harm to the person who tells it.

Karen Moline, "Belladonna

Dishonest people conceal their faults from themselves as well as others, honest people know and confess them

Christian Nevell Bovee

Dishonest scales are an abomination to the LORD, but a just weight is His delight

Proverbs 11:1

A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future.


Truth fears no questions.


If you want to ruin the truth, stretch it.


Cherish the friend who tells you a harsh truth, wanting ten times more to tell you a loving lie.

Robert Brault

Time will inevitably uncover dishonesty and lies; history has no place for them.

Norodom Sihanouk

Beware of the half truth. You may have gotten hold of the wrong half.

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