Dishonesty Quotes

With lies you may get ahead in the world - but you can never go back.

Russian proverb

Who lies for you will lie against you.

Bosnian Proverb

A lie has speed, but truth has endurance.

Edgar J. Mohn

A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

Mark Twain

He who purposely cheats his friend, would cheat his God.

Johann Kaspar Lavater

Loyalty makes a person attractive. It is better to be poor than dishonest.

Proverbs 19:22

Who purposely cheats his friend, would cheat his God.

Johann Kaspar Lavater

Make yourself an honest man, and then you may be sure there is one less rascal in the world.

Thomas Carlyle

A truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.

William Blake

If all mankind were suddenly to practice honesty, many thousands of people would be sure to starve.

G. C. Lichtenberg

There is no kind of dishonesty into which otherwise good people more easily and frequently fall than that of defrauding the government.

Benjamin Franklin

Any informed borrower is simply less vulnerable to fraud and abuse

Alan Greenspan

It is not true that men can be divided into absolutely honest persons and absolutely dishonest ones. Our honesty varies with the strain put on it.

George Bernard Shaw

Dishonor waits on perfidy. A man should blush to think a falsehood; it is the crime of cowards.

Samuel Johnson

The gains of the wicked bring short-lived pleasure, but afterwards long-continued grief.

Antiphanes of Macedonia

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