Efficiency Quotes

Organizations cannot make a genius out of an incompetent. On the other hand, disorganization can scarcely fail to result in efficiency.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

It is more than probable that the average man could, with no injury to his health, increase his efficiency fifty percent.

Walter Scott Quotes

The myth of fascist efficiency has deluded many people.

Henry A. Wallace

There can be economy only where there is efficiency.

Benjamin Disraeli

An efficiency-regime cannot be run without a few heroes stuck about it to carry off the dullness - much as plums have to be put into a bad pudding to make it palatable.

E. M. Forster

One must choose between Obscurity with Efficiency, and Fame with its inevitable collateral of Bluff.

William McFee

Avoid fragmentation: Find your focus and seek simplicity. Purposeful living calls for elegant efficiency and economy of effort—expanding the minimum time and energy necessary to achieve desired goals.

Dan Millman

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Updated On : December 13, 2010
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